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About US

Ramona Peterson

Ramona Peterson is a professional business woman with 25 years of experience in Housekeeping and the Healthcare Industry. As a single mother, she manages her time between her son and working diligently on her business projects. She is a pet lover and has a heart for dogs. A third member of the family is her pet dog named Romeo.

After a successful career in healthcare and helping to develop other housekeeping businesses, she has partnered with friends to set up a cleaning business (Girlfriends Cleaning LLC). She's working harder to see it become successful beyond her wildest dream.

Her dedication and hard work, coupled with her compassionate nature is in no doubt her greatest asset which she uses to navigate her business to success.

Ramona is available for your services and private consultations:
(614) 739-2000

Lecole Daniels

Lecole is an accountant by profession with over 20 years of customer service experience. An entrepreneur at heart, Lecole always wanted to be her own boss, therefore when her best friend presented her dream of Girlfriends Cleaning there was no hesitation to accept the partnership. Motivation from her two boys David and Darius drives her to ensure success within the janitorial industry while emphasizing our personal touch. Her hard work and determination makes her a valuable asset to the company.

(614) 739-2000

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